Brendan O’Byrne – Pianist – A.r.i.a.m L.r.i.a.m B.mus

Brendan started to study Pianoforte in a serious way at the age of twelve, and at that time found something to which he
would be drawn for the rest of his life.

He quickly progressed through his grades and is a trained classical pianist.

Life at Ashford, demands that you play all genres of music, from classical to jazz to pop and over the years playing at
the castle Brendan has accumulated about 25 hours of music without repeating a tune.

He improvises at will and is able to follow people who sing in their own style.

It is his magical touch however that is most remarked upon with comments from guests, such as “Its not what you play, but
how you play it” being one of the regular ones.

Brendan has performed in the Gaiety Theater, and The National Concert Hall in Dublin and also in London and Paris

He provides piano music for all occasions.

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Mobile : 087 287 4379 Studio : 091 791 312
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